Welcome to Northwest Baptist Disaster Relief

Updated: 03/2/2020

Want to respond to help disaster victims?


Train iWannaGetTrained

Give Click to Donate

Go iWannaHelp(this link only available during a callout)

Northwest Baptist Disaster Relief is a ministry of Great Commission churches in the Pacific Northwest of the United States.*  

On this website, you will find:

  • Information on how to be prepared to serve as a Disaster Relief volunteer
  • Training opportunities
  • Forms needed to sign up as a volunteer
  • Contact information
  • Online registration for various SBCDR events here in the Northwest
  • Information on how to get up-to-date info on current DR situations
  • Links to other SBC DR related websites
  • A “members-only” password-protected page with up to the moment updates as needed.
  • Future improvements may include:
    • Online payments for training events as well as for shirts, hats, and other gear
    • Online photo’s using your webcam for your DR identification card.

* Specifically, those churches which are in Oregon, Washington, and Northern Idaho which cooperate nationally with the Southern Baptist Convention, regionally with the Northwest Baptist Convention, and locally with the various regions of that convention and the local associations that help support the cooperative missions of these entities.

Other ways of keeping up with us include:
Twitter: @NWBaptistDR
FaceBook: www.facebook.com/NWBDR
Google+: plus.google.com/+Northwestdrelief

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1 Response to Welcome to Northwest Baptist Disaster Relief

  1. David and Sherrie Allen says:

    We are looking into volunteer opportunities working with your Disaster Responders.

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