Welcome to Northwest Baptist Disaster Relief

Updated: 3/08/23 (If you can’t view this well on your cell phone, please click the “Continue reading” link below)

Want to respond to help disaster victims?

Pray | Train | Give | Go 

Northwest Baptist Disaster Relief is a ministry of Great Commission churches in the Pacific Northwest of the United States.*  

On this website, you will find:

  • Information on how to be prepared to serve as a Disaster Relief volunteer
  • Training opportunities
  • Forms needed to sign up as a volunteer
  • Contact information
  • Online registration for various SBCDR events here in the Northwest
  • Information on how to get up-to-date info on current DR situations
  • Links to other SBC DR related websites
  • A “members-only” password-protected page with up to the moment updates as needed.
  • Future improvements may include:
    • Online payments for training events as well as for shirts, hats, and other gear
    • Online photo’s using your webcam for your DR identification card.

* Specifically, those churches which are in Oregon, Washington, and Northern Idaho which cooperate nationally with the Southern Baptist Convention, regionally with the Northwest Baptist Convention, and locally with the various regions of that convention and the local associations that help support the cooperative missions of these entities.

Other ways of keeping up with us include:
Twitter: @NWBaptistDR
FaceBook: www.facebook.com/NWBDR

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8 Responses to Welcome to Northwest Baptist Disaster Relief

  1. David and Sherrie Allen says:

    We are looking into volunteer opportunities working with your Disaster Responders.

    • David and Sherrie, sorry to not have seen your comment earlier this summer. If you have not done so already, please contact the regional coordinator for your region about opportunities to serve. To be a volunteer with our organization requires training that, during the pandemic, has been limited. Your regional coordinator will be able to walk you through what the process is however. The menu on our website has a section called Contact Us, that is where you will find his or her contact info. Thank you.

  2. Daniel McCarthy says:

    First Baptist Church of Yelm wood Nike more information on signing up and volunteering
    Thank you
    Daniel McCarthy
    Home 3608946498

    • I am so sorry that I did not notice your comment months ago. All the info available for signing up and volunteering with us is on this website however. Please contact your regional coordinator, that contact info is on our site on the Contact Us section. Thank you.

  3. Monica Griffith says:

    I have alot of nice house goods, set of dishes, silverware, glasses, kerby vacuum, ect. we had a neighborhood yard sale. kept the items the fire victims could use in a rented apt or house. Plus cash that we got from items that sold. I would like to know if there are any families that could use the items. Anyone will take the cash but I want the items to go with the cash to even one family. Also if no fire victims, just a family in need.

    • Thank you Monica, and to your neighbors, for wanting to help out wildfire victims. If you are in the greater Portland, OR area, your best connection to provide for folks displaced by the wildfires is to go through Salvation Army – they are assigned for donation management at this time. That does not meant dropping your household goods at a Salvation Army store, but rather calling your local Salvation Army office for info on how to make the donations you described. If you do not have success with that route, please email us back at nwbaptistdr@gmail.com and let us know which county you want to assist. Thank you very much.

  4. Virginia Summers says:

    How can I become a member of our face book group? I have looked at groups and find a number of other states but not ours with a join button.
    I would like to post the training on the 30th.
    Ginny Summers

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