Current Callout

10/15/2018 ALERT – Updated Info on Florida Call Out

Team Members,

We are being ask to put together an IMT, Chainsaw, and Feeding Team or members that could go as replacements for those who are already serving.  We are in need of experienced Chaplains. We will deploy to Florida for a 9 to 10 day deployment.   The airfare will be covered by the Northwest.

The conditions are really rough.  Potable water is a challenge.    You will need to bring your own water filter.  The chain saw team members will need to bring their own protective gear, such as gloves, hearing protection and chaps.  The chain saws will be supplied. We will be doing DR camping.  So you will need to bring your air mattress, sleeping bag and personal items. A list to follow.

We are looking at sending the first team on November 2-10.  These date could change by a day or two depending on the cost of the air fare.  The next team would be November 9-17.   Once again these dates may change by a day or two depending on the cost of air fare.

As always all your DR information needs to be up to date.

The IMT team must have been on a past call out.

The Chainsaw Team/Brush Pullers MUST have been though the training and be up to date on their training.    If you need to update your training or take it for the first time there will be training on October 20 starting at 8 a.m. and go all day.  The training will be held at Mckenzie Road Baptist in Olympia [map].

 The address is 215 Mckenzie Road SW Olympia 98508

To go on this team you MUST be in good physical health.  Your region leader needs to recommend you.  Access to local hospitals is limited.   The humidity is high.   I cannot share how important it is that you are in good physical condition not only for your sake but for your team. Special team member needs (medical, dietary, etc.) will not be accommodated.

This is going to be a long term call out.    So there will be opportunities to go on future deployments to Florida.

If you are willing to go please let Georganna know (360 584 9568) along with the dates.

More information will come as it develops.


10/13/2018 ALERT – Hurricane Michael, Florida

Team Members,

We are being asked to put together an IMT team and Chainsaw team to deploy to Florida for a 9 to 10 day deployment. The airfare will be covered by the Northwest. We will be doing DR camping, so you will need to bring your air mattress and sleeping bag.

As always all your information needs to be up to date. The IMT team must have been on a past call out. The Chainsaw Team/Brush Pullers MUST have been though the training and be up to date on their training.

If you need to update your training or take it for the first time there will be training on October 20 starting at 8 am. The training will be held at:

Mckenzie Road Baptist Church
215 Mckenzie Road SW Olympia, WA 98508

This training is specific to brush pulling and chainsaw within the context of SBC Disaster Relief. Training will be done at about 3:00 or 4:00 and you will have to have already had your IBSDR (Intro to SBC DR) to go. You also MUST be in good physical condition. Your region leader needs to recommend you.

This is going to be a long term call out, so there will be other opportunities to go on future deployments to FL.

If you are willing to go please let Georganna know, along with the dates you can go.. You can reply to this message or cal her at 360-584-9568

More information will come as it develops. You do need to be a member of a Southern Baptist Church and have had our DR training and a up to date SBC Disaster Relief ID card.

6/03/2016   ALERT – Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada 


We have been asked to consider sending team members (no equipment) to support fire clean-up efforts in Fort McMurray, Alberta. Team members would need to deploy for 14 days (2 days travel each way and 10 days working) It will be d/r camping. Team members are needed for feeding, ash-out (mostly moving appliances out), and chaplaincy. All team members would need current passports or WA enhanced driver license. Chaplains MUST be current on CISM training.

If we are activated we would need to send the first group out by June 7. We will be working on travel options. Please pray for God’s activity and your possible participation during the month of June.


Gary Floyd


5/11/2016  UPDATE – Stand Down

Below please find the latest directions from the NWDR Director

Processes in Canada are proving to be quite slow. We will stand down from alert status for all operations. Please continue to pray for God’s activity in Canada.


Gary Floyd

503.720.6373 Cell/Text


5/07/2016   UPDATE – Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada 

We are on Alert for the fires going on in Canada. If we do get called out, it looks like we will have a feeding team sit up in or near Edmonton/Fort McMurray.

Make sure there are at least 6 months left on your passport/passport card before it express. Travel will involve 2 days each way for most of us. We would like you to consider a minimum 14 days response. (4 days travel, 10 days working).

You will need:

A Passport/Passport Card
Up to date Background Check
Up to date Food Handlers Card
If you are able to respond please let me know and what dates you could go.

Georganna. 253-537-6003.


5/03/2016  UPDATE – General Preparedness


Now would be a good time to make sure your Background Check, Food Handlers Card and training  are up to date.  Training has to be done every 3 years.  As we go into the Summer months there could be many opportunities for us to serve both here in the Northwest and out of states. Many of the states have been hit hard and will be doing a lot of clean up.   So check your expiration date on both your ID and food handlers card.  If it expires sometime during the summer months you many want to update it now.   If you need the information on the background check  feel free to ask.  Links to many of the things you need are found here on the website at 

Gary is wanting us to put together a team that would be able to respond at short notice.   So if you could take a look at your summer plans and let Georganna (253-495-5886) know when you would be able to respond that would help us out when we get the call to go and help.


3/25/2016   UPDATE – Yakima Country, WA

We have finished the task, our troops have returned home. Thank you to you who served.


3/14/2016 11:45am  UPDATE – Yakima Country, WA

Use QR code or click here to signupLooking for mud-out teams especially unit leaders (blue caps).  If we get unit leaders, we can supplement them with teams even with volunteers who have not yet been trained.

Please contact us with availability by clicking here (prefered method) or by emailing or calling 360-869-8969 (ICS office).  The QR code graphic to the left is for smart phones and tablets etc, but will take them to the same signup website at the link above.


3/8/2016 9:15am  UPDATE – Yakima Country, WA

This is a call out for Chaplains and Damage assessors to join us in Yakima, Washington, traveling March 11th and ready to work March 12th. Recovery and feeding teams/volunteers please consider this a “Standby” notification. Specific information can be found at the bottom of this notice. Please call Paul Henry, 509-630-8443 with your availability.

Please be advised, the Yakima County Emergency Management has reached out to NWBDR related to some flash flooding Saturday night/ Sunday Morning (March 6th). Paul Henry spent Monday with the Yakima County Emergency Management and Dan Hager, the pastor of The Cross Church surveying the impacted areas. Most flooding spans an area of about 15 miles in length along one creek drainage and has impacted homes in both City and County jurisdiction. Other creeks in the area have impacted a few homes in one way or the other; damaged/contaminated wells, flooded septic tanks and washed-out coverts. We have been in contact with the ARC and will connect with the City of Yakima emergency management for their input as well.

We observed that the most significant ministry opportunity is for chaplain – assessor teams to engage the affected communities. The affected families and communities are also impacted by unmet expectations of their local government. Chaplains can provide emotional/spiritual care easing tensions in the communities. Assessors will be able to identify specific parameters for clean-up and give the county needed data for submitting requests for State of Washington assistance. A strike team would be needed to coordinate church groups wanting to assist. Being close to Spring Break some college students may be open to a rather spontaneous mission trip (at home).

The Cross Church is willing to host teams as they are able. We are in the process of gathering a management team for this incident and will begin operation Friday March 11th. Shower and feeding support will be needed. If we are able to create workday events we will need on-site training support as well.

Please pray for Paul and his team. The Father has given us an opportunity to care and communicate His love. Pray for team members willing to respond.

Housing – the Cross Church, 8700 Summit View Ave., Yakima, WA. 98908  [map] (509) 969-3869
Incident Management Team – 2403 S 18th Street, Suite 200, Union Gap, WA. 98903 [map]

Thanks so much

Paul Henry
Region 5 DR Coordinator


12/18/2015 9:00pm  UPDATE – Oregon City, ORE

We just received a stand down notification. We are no longer on standby. Thank you to all of you who were prepared to serve.


12/18/2015 UPDATE – Oregon City, ORE

NOTICE: On Standby for Feeding Teams and Disaster Relief Chaplains. Potential Evacuation!

Newell Creek Canyon Apartments (Oregon City) may be evacuated as soon as today due to heavy rains and potential mudslide(s).

Evacuation Site and Disaster Relief Kitchen to be at Clackamas Community College. We may be feeding up to 250 people per meal.

Contact Sherry Hodgson for more information and to sign up.
at 360-607-2674 or

8/24/2014 UPDATE – Washington State
Team Members,
Here is a report that Paul Henry sent me last night to share with you so that you know what is going on.  This is just from Sunday.

Presently we have 5 fire clean up teams at work in the Twisp, Malott, and Pateros areas.
California sent a fire clean-up team from 8/17 until 8/27
Oklahoma sent a team with 2 cooks from 8/19 until 8/16  they are housed in Malott at the grange.
SBTC sent a team 8/21 until 8/25 and will be leaving Monday
The other SBTC team arrived 8/22 and leaves 8/26

The Mennonites are working with us and will sent another team up from Othello and will be working next week 8/25 until 8/29

TBM (Texas Baptist Men) will be arriving 8/28 and working to 9/3 They will take over for Oklahoma but do not have any cooks with them. We will need to find someone to cook for the TBM team of 12 in Malott.
My ICS team goes home 8/26 but Mike Lovett (Utah/Idaho State director is coming in to give ICS help)

Chuck Messina is working as lead cook at the Twisp Calvary Chapel kitchen site and Fern Powers will take his place on 8/28. After that we have run out of experienced cooks.
Previously we had 2 NW fire clean up teams, and one UT/ID fire clean up team working out of Twisp. They have gone home.

We have had a number of chaplains and damage assessors from the NW going out and finding jobs. They also have gone home however they brought together at last count 71 jobs of which 44 have been completed.

At the rate we are going however we will run out of volunteers not be able to finish the jobs we have. Still more request for help are coming in. The heavy rains produced flooding and new work opportunities but slowed our progress significantly. We are also now getting request for help with Mud-out.

In addition to fewer fire clean up teams, support for teams; i.e. feeding, damage assessments, chaplains and ICS are also dwindling.

Northwest volunteers have been active since 7/19 and I would like to thank them so much for their support. I know that this has been a little overwhelming for many folks and you have given so much of your summer and time to helping others. May our Lord richly bless you.

Paul Henry
Region 5 Coordinator


Southern Baptist Disaster Relief  –  Daily Report Form
DR Number/Incident Name:  Carlton Complex Fire
Date:     8/23/14                Time:    7:45 – 8/24/14
Ministry Site:   Calvary Chapel of Methow Valley
          Address:   20077 Washington Hwy 20 Twisp, WA   98856
Reporting Individual’s Name and Cell Number:   Randall Sellers       972-974-1803
Volunteer Count:

  1. 4      Number of Teams at the start of the day
  2. 1      Number of team members who arrived today (includes 8 CDR volunteers)
  3. 66   Total number of team members onsite today
  4. 0      Number of local community volunteers who worked today

66      Total volunteers who worked today (add lines c and d)
22      Number of team members who departed today

Food Service Report
Meals Prepared (a)                    Service Line (b)              ERVs/Canteens (c)
Breakfast             64                   Breakfast                          Breakfast
Lunch                   64                   Lunch                                 Lunch
Dinner                  64                    Dinner                               Dinner
Total (a)              192
Total (b)                           Total (c)
192    Total meals served today

Cleanup and Recovery Report

  1. 39    Number of jobs completed to date (from beginning)
  2. 5    Number of jobs completed today
  3. 27    Number of jobs remaining

Shower/Laundry/Water Units Report
Total number of showers                                             45
Total number of laundry loads                                   14
Total number of gallons of water purified               0

8/11/2014 UPDATE – Washington State
SBC Disaster Relief friends from NW Baptist Convention churches:

So far we have prepared over 1,500 meals for the Eastern Washington fire.  We are now moving into the recover phase.  So will be needing volunteers who can come and help prepare meals for those who will be doing the fire clean up.  If you could, let us know when you will be able to help.  We would like you to be able to commit for one week at a time.  You will need to bring your sleeping bag, air mattress, and other personal items.  If you can respond, please contact  Georganna Megenity at 253-537-6003

For more info on the fire:

7/29/2014 UPDATE – Washington State

On Sunday July 19th our feeding unit was set up at Chelan High School to help feed all those who have been effect by the fires in Central Washington.  As of 7/29/14 we have fed over 10,000 meals at 8 to 9 different sites depending on the day.

We  are in URGENT need of people who can leave TODAY or as soon as you can.  As of Thursday we will only have 11 people working at the unit.  We are cooking about 1,000 meals each day.

2 Admins needed ASAP for DR Incident Command, 6 needed ASAP for feeding  Let us know as soon as you can if you can come and serve.

Make sure you have your ID, food handler cards and clothing, sleeping gear and other necessary personal items.

Contact Georganna Megenity at 253-537-6003 or

PS:  Dave Hillison wishes a Happy 50th wedding anniversary to long term volunteers Charles and Linda Bradley.
7/19/2014 – Washington State

DR Chaplain praying at the remains of a home destroyed by wildfire in central WA state.

DR Chaplain praying at the remains of a home destroyed by wildfire in central WA state.

Over 100 homes have been destroyed in the Northwest already this wildfire season.  Over 300 square miles burned so far in Washington State.  More than 2500 firefighters engaged, including National Guard crews.

Northwest Baptist Disaster Relief has received a request for team members that can be deployed for the feeding unit that has been deployed to Lake Chelan for 7 to 10 days. One report states that 30 primary residences have been destroyed. Our response will involve feeding, chaplaincy, and ash-out recovery. ARC (American Red Cross) has requested a liaison representative to work with them as well.

We have been asked to start feeding 2000/day beginning tomorrow with lunch. Paul Henry is checking a possible kitchen site in Omak. We will be placing an incident management team probably in Chelan.

If you are available please notify your Regional Disaster Relief Coordinator your availability times. If you are not sure who that is, see the Contact Us page on this site.   Please notify us very soon, we need to cover 2 shifts. We have already put a ICS team together but may need replacements for some of them as well.  As a reminder, do NOT show up unannounced.  This is only for those with current SBC DR certification(s), and only after you have contacted your regional coordinator

Teams will be sleeping out of the Chelan High School. The weather is very hot so will need to pack appropriately.

Things to bring include:

  • Bedding/air mattress
  • Personal hygiene items
  • Medication
  • Towel/etc..
  • Appropriate clothing (not shorts but long Capri’s okay) shoes, boots or tennis shoes (no flip-flops or sandals)
  • Your DR cap/shirts/up to date ID badge/feeding certificate, chaplain vests, etc
  • Drivers license
  • A rain coat or light rain gear
  • Bible
  • A very patient and loving Christ like attitude….
  • There will also be special paperwork to fill out if you go.
  • Click here for a handy printable check-off list of things to take before you deploy

Pray for safety for those affected, first responders, and team members.  Pray that God will grant us opportunities and personnel to respond with help, healing, and hope.
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To get the Red Cross apps for your smart phone for wildfires or sheltering, click here,
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