Background Screening

Dear Northwest Baptist Disaster Relief Volunteer:

Because of your commitment Northwest Baptist Disaster Relief continues to position itself as one of the best mass-care disaster response organizations in the Northwest. In order to maintain this level of effectiveness the NWBDR leadership team requires that every team member successfully pass a basic background screening. Protect-My-Ministry is the company providing this service to NWBDR; they meet or exceed all of the industry standards for information safety, security, and effectiveness. This screening is required of every team member and is valid for up to three years. The costs for the screening is $18.00. Make your check payable to Northwest Baptist Convention and send to your regional coordinator (click here for contact info).

With your current driver license in hand, go to and complete the information related to you following the instructions on the screen. You will visit three screens in total. At the bottom of the third screen you will be asked to read a statement and click on the box next to I Agree, then click on Submit. Be aware that you will be asked to provide:

  • your current address and two previous addresseso Use the address listed on your driver license
    –  No PO boxes, unless it is listed on your driver license
    – If you have lived at the same address for more than 20 years, then the one address will be fine.
    – List your maiden name even if you have been married for a long time.
  • three references, the first one being your current pastor (Please enter the requested information for three references in the text box just below the question)
  • name and contact information of your current church membership (Please enter the requested information in the text box just below the question)
  • names of three volunteer organizations you are currently or have been a part of

If you are unable to supply some of the requested information, please be aware that the screening process may take longer. The information requested yields the quickest results.

Once you have completed entering your information, at the bottom of the third screen, click on the box for I Agree and then click on Submit.

Your NWBDR identification badge expiration date will be set to coincide with your background screening date. You will be notified when your next screening is coming due.

Thank you for your high level of commitment to the cause of ministering Christ in crisis.


Gary Floyd
Northwest Baptist Disaster Relief

Northwest Baptist Disaster Relief &
is a ministry of Great Commission churches
in the Pacific Northwest of the United States.