Simply hover your mouse over the Training link above to see what training is currently being offered.  To the right you will also find a quick view of events and dates and how soon they occur.  

All Southern Baptist Disaster Relief volunteers, including those with Northwest Baptist Disaster Relief, are required at a minimum to have completed the ISBDR training, and to renew it once every 3 yrs.

ISBDR (Introduction to Southern Baptist Disaster Relief) is offered at least once a year.  You must fill out the required forms in coordination with your regions DR Director in advance of the training.  After the ISBDR, you may find you want specialized training such as Feeding (everyone should be trained in this!), Mud-out (cleaning out structures destroyed by nature), Chainsaw, Laundry and/or shower trailer, Childcare, Chaplain, or one or more of the many other options.

Check out the submenus (above, when you hover over “Training”) for current training opportunities, or check out the Prepare to Serve section of this website for more info and required forms.

Stay tuned here for upcoming training opportunities.  Remember that the best way to find out about training in your particular region is to be signed up as a volunteer.  Your regional DR leadership will notify you of training opportunities.  This page will post those opportunities that impact the entire Northwest Baptist DR team, as well as those local training situations as we become aware of them.

We hope to add some online training soon as well, via videos and live online sessions such as Skype sessions led by SBDR experts.

Northwest Baptist Disaster Relief &
is a ministry of Great Commission churches
in the Pacific Northwest of the United States.