Training Manuals

Here are the manuals used in our various trainings – not specific to any particular training event but for any training:

ISBDR Manual – This is the 2020 Northwest version, current as of April 2019 (NWBDR, pdf)

Disaster Assessment – this is the 2022 Northwest version (NWBDR, PDF)
See also Assessment Forms (.PDF and .XLSX formats)

Feeding Manual – This is the 2017 Northwest version (NWBDR, pdf)

Lead Cook Manual – This is the 2017 Northwest version (NWBDR, pdf)

Inventory (for Feeding) Manual – This is the 2019 Northwest version (NWBDR, pdf)

Church Preparedness Manual – 2016 version (NAMB, pdf)

Chainsaw Manual – This is the 2004 version.

Fire Cleanup Manual – This is the 2019 Northwest Roundtable version (NWBDR, pdf)

Ash Out – Training material as presented by Ernie Zabala at 2014 Roundtable

Chaplain Manual – This is the 2016 version for those who have already taken the chaplain training (NAMB, pdf)

Shower Trailer Manuals – Shower Trailer Setup  (NBDR, pdf) and  Shower Unit Operations (NBDR, pdf)

ICS manual – available as  .DOCX or PDF files- 2014 version (Tx Bapt Men)

Family Preparedness Manual – available as .DOCX or PDF files – 2012 version

Combat and Operational Stress Control Manual (COSC) – These materials evolved out of a desire to better serve service members in combat zones and those emerging from combat zones.  Used in Operation Stress First Aid (OSFA) training for SBC DR chaplains.  (Public domain by permission of US Marines)

Northwest Baptist Disaster Relief &
is a ministry of Great Commission churches
in the Pacific Northwest of the United States.

11 Responses to Training Manuals

  1. Richard Fujimoto says:

    Hello. I didn’t see Chaplain training listed. Will there be training at the Roundtable this year? Thanks.
    Rich Fujimoto

    • Rich,
      Thanks for the question, sorry for the delay in my reply.
      This page contains several training manuals for various D.R. training segments. Not all of the segments are being offered at Roundtable. The manuals listed here are listed here year round for whenever training is offered as well as for review prior to a deployment and serve as a readily accessible resource during deployment in case a volunteer did not bring his or her training material to the incident.
      Blessings, and thank you for seeking training and for volunteering!

  2. Penny says:

    Richard, the Utah Idaho convention is having a Chaplain training May1-2 in Coeur d Arlene. Several in the NWB will be attending. Paul Henry has the info.

  3. Robert D Andes says:

    Looking for the Chaplain training manual

  4. mike irish says:

    what be offered at the next round table in2017

  5. Dianne Zeutenhorst says:

    Will attend

  6. Tilly says:

    Training Manual….we clicked on the 2007 Chaplain Manual, no training manual showing. Just shows a picture of SBDR. Is there another site ?

    • Hi Tilly! Thanks for asking about the Chaplain Manual. You clicked on the right spot but it sounds like your browser did not download all 93 pages of that PDF for some reason. While it is there for download, sometimes a local computer or the browser, or even a slow internet connection, can create issues with the download even though that file is only less than 1 Meg. Please try again, maybe from a different browser (Edge, IE, Chrome, FireFox, Safari, etc).
      I will be updating that with a newer version today anyway, so please do a refresh on your browser after 4:00pm today to get the newer 2016 version. 🙂 Excited that you guys will be taking the training!

    • Robert D Andes says:

      Printed my copy. Will be reading it before training. Praying that I will have an open heart. Looking forward to learning. My retirement date is October 25 2019. Now starting on my next journey with Jesus.

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